The idea of the name Dripp’in has basically come from the term “Drip” which is a slang term used to refer to a person’s style which is considered cool or snazzy. And adding to the term Drip is “IN” which stands for India as we hope to build a streetwear brand originated in India like no other, basically representing India . Hence we came up with “Dripp’in”


Dripp’in will be coming out with different collections every 50 days. With the changing seasons and trends, we wish to offer a different styled line of clothing for all. Every drpop will be given a designated name and will be fully designed around the concept of its name. Every drop will be themed and the whole collection will represent the same. Once released, no collection will be repeated or re-stocked. Once sold out, we’re on to the next. So grab ’em while you can.